James Kinkaid - Freeholder in 1786

The Freehold Court Document

I James Kinkead of Ballybofey in the County of Donegal do swear that I am a Freeholder of the County of Donegal, and have a Freehold in the Clear yearly Value of Forty Shillings at the Least, above all Charges, lying and being at Ballybofey in the Parish of Stranorlar in the Barony of Raphoe in the County of Donegal, and that the said Freehold is in no Part of it a Rent Charge.

Sworn, read, signed and allowed of in open Court before the Justices of the Peace of said County of Donegal at a general Quarter Sessions of the Peace, holden at Lifford in and for said County of Donegal, on the 12th Day of January 1786.

James Kinkead
Witness present John Barclay, John Cochran


Evidently James Kinkaid and John Cochrane were both alive in 1786 and either friends or possibly distant cousins (more research required).

In case the date does not look like 1786 on the above slip, there are some eleven slips stuck on both sides of a large sheet, dated consistently from January to February and, in some cases (like the example below) the date is quite clearly 1786:

Enlarged portion of the signature


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