1853-5 James Cochran & Joseph Kinkaid
acting as Executors for Charles Style

Front page of Residuary Account

An Account of the Personal Estate, and of Monies arising out of the Real Estate, of Charles Style of Glenmore in the County of Donegal Esquire who died on the twenty first day of December One Thousand Eight Hundred and fifty three, exhibited by James Cochran and Joseph Kinkaid Esquires the Executors of the Deceased, acting under the Will of the Deceased, proved in the Prerogative Court of Ireland on the seventh day of February 1854.


Inside page of Residuary Account

We do declare that the foregoing is a just and true Account; and we offer to pay the sum of £58-19-9 for the Duty, after the rate of £ one per Cent upon the sum of £5898-16-7, being the whole of the said Residue and Monies which we are entitled and intend to retain to the use of Charlotte Style, Anna Maria Kennedy or Style, Henrietta Style, Elizabeth Humphrey or Style and Isabella Style being daughters of the deceased. Dated this 14th day of February 1855. Jas Cochran, J Kinkaid, Executors.


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