Emigration to Canada

The map shows the destinations of people who emigrated to Canada from about 1819 to about 1919. The circled numbers on the map correspond to the numbers in the table underneath:

Destination SURNAME, Other Names (b - d) Year Married Children
1. White Rock, BC POWELL, Richard William (1890-1966) e1919 no  
2. Montreal CRAWFORD, James (1794-1855) e1819 yes 8
3. Quebec CRAWFORD, Selina Jane (e1842-e1907) e1863 yes 6

The first to arrive in Canada was Dr James Crawford. The "Crawfords of Donegal" refers to "James Crawford MD, of Montreal, Canada, born at Ballyshannon, 20th February, 1794, and died in Montreal, 28th December, 1855. He was for some years an assistant-surgeon in the army, and served with the 24th and 68th Regiments. He married Emma Matilda, younger daughter of John Platt of Montreal, and settled there. They had three sons and five daughters." [see COD p41 for more details]. In addition to his 8 children, there were 13 grand-children. James' youngest daughter, Selina Jane Crawford, married Henry Atkinson of Etchemin, Quebec; and presumably moved from Montreal to Quebec.

James Crawford plus his children and grand-children intermarried with the following families:

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