Emigration to United States

The map shows the destinations of people who emigrated to USA from about 1803 to about 1909. The circled numbers on the map correspond to the numbers in the table underneath:

Destination SURNAME, Other Names (b - d) Year Married Children
1. Kelso, WA POWELL, Arthur Sidney (1884-1977) e1909 yes  no
2. ???, USA COCHRANE, James (e1783-e1843) e1803    
3. Tennessee CRAWFORD, Andrew (e1798-e1858) e1818    
4. Montgomery, AL DUNCAN, John (e1797-e1857) e1817 yes  
5. Baltimore, MD NEILSON, Jane (c1756-1814) c1798 widow yes
6. New York, NY POWELL, Maud Florence (1878-e1970) 1906 yes prob

The first to arrive was James Cochrane, but it is not known where he lived in America or whether there were descendants.

The recently widowed Jane Neilson (née Crawford) arrived in Baltimore from Co.Donegal, Ireland in c1798 where she settled with her 11 children. There is now an extensive line of descendants in America.

According to the "Crawfords of Donegal", Samuel Crawford was married to Margaret Duncan and she "had an only brother, John, who went to the United States, and married and settled there at Montgomery, Alabama. She had also an only and elder sister, Rebecca." They evidently all came from Ireland [see CoD p48 footnote].

Maud Florence Powell, who was the black sheep of the family, was almost never spoken of by her siblings. Her sister Emma, who lived and died in England, related that she had received a postcard from Maud in America saying "I am married and going to have a baby". Currently, there is no known record of the birth of her baby or her marriage, nor of the name of the husband. Maud is recorded in the 1881 UK Census and in the Ellis Island records when she entered USA on 10th June 1906. However, it is not yet known whether she remained in New York or moved elsewhere within the United States.

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Revised on 21 December 2003