Grave of Rev Henry S. Cochrane,
Eliza Hannah Kincaid & Family

The photo above shows the memorial stone for Rev Henry Stewart Cochrane (1803-1887), his wife Eliza Hannah (née Kincaid) and family. The stone is now lying over the burial plot; either toppled over, or laid flat for safety. Below is a digitally enhanced enlargement of the inscription, still comparitively clear in 2001.

His wife died first, followed by his eldest son John.

In loving memory
Eliza Cochrane
died 1847,
John Cochrane
died 1868
Henry S. Cochrane
died 1887
Charles H. Cochrane
died 1910
William J. Cochrane
died 1915
Anna M. Cochrane
died 1919
Henry E. Cochrane
died 1919.


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Revised on 21 December 2003