Grave of James Cochrane
& Margaret Crawford

Above is a photo of the flat topped tomb and below a digitally enhanced enlargement of the actual inscription which, in 2001, is still quite legible.

This tomb contains the first three sons of Capt John Cochrane (1762-1831) of Edenmore plus the wife of James. The eldest son John (1797-1860) inherited Edenmore and, on his death unmarried, passed it to his next brother Joseph Zaccheus (1800-1881). He, in turn, died unmarried and passed Edenmore on to the next brother James (1801-1887) who had married Margaret Crawford (1803-1865) and produced seven children.

Beneath this stone
are interred the remains of
John Cochrane of Edenmore, Esq
who died 31st July 1860
aged 64 years.
wife of James Cochrane died Feb 28th 1864
aged 62 years.
Joseph Zacheus Cochrane
of Edenmore
died Dec 8th 1881
aged 82 years.
James Cochrane
died July 29th 1887
aged 86 years.


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Revised on 21 December 2003