A Partial History of
the Kincaids of Ulster


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You will shortly be able to read a compilation of all the information currently known to me about the Kincaids of Ulster from c1680. You will need a recent version of the free Adobe Reader to view this document. Click on the appropriate image below (but please be aware that although some forty pages have already been written, the first, public, early DRAFT of this document is not yet available.):


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Thanks are due first to my aunt Lois Moriarty for providing documents and books about the Kincaids, secondly to Peter A Kincaid of Canada for being the catalyst for this booklet and for helping to fill many gaps and thirdly to Lindel Buckle of New Zealand for allowing me to copy some of the especially relevant material from her web site about Donegal [see Links on the Home Page].


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Revised on 29 September 2011