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The Date column, in the table, refers to the event in the Description column, rather than the date of the map itself. For example, a modern map may be used to illustrate several locations where a family lived a hundred years ago. In the case of important historical maps, the date is always given.


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1580 Click to view map Towns and villages in Sussex, England where the Cardens were born and married from c1580.
1610 Click to view map County Donegal, Ireland - showing the principle locations of the Crawfords and related families as a result of the plantation of Ulster. [Modern sketch map]
1803 Click for Emigration MENU World Map showing emigration from the United Kingdom and Ireland (early 1800s to early 1900s). [Sketch map drawn in 2001]
1746 Click to view map The location of Abbotshall and Kinghorn, Fife, Scotland - where the Hendersons are recorded to have lived and married from c1746.
1881 Click to view map Bermondsey, London [1882 Map] - showing the routes of the two census enumerators who called on the Powells at 2 Clements Road.



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Revised on 20 September 2011