Grave of Elizabeth Neilson

The photo above shows most of the stone, in badly weathered condition in the year 2001. Below is an enlargement of the top of the stone, with part of the inscription still quite clear.

In the early 1900s, Cecil Cochrane (1871-1925) recorded what remained of the inscription. Today, even less is readable. In May 2002, Lois Moriarty (1910-) said that as she was interested in Family History she had been taken to visit the Churchyard by her Uncle Cecil and had been shown this particularly important stone. The spacing between the surviving lettering was consistent with the name Neilson fitting in the gap. [See the booklet about the Cochrane Family in Donegal for further details about the uncertainty and controversy here].

Here lieth Elizabeth +++++++
Alias Neil+++ wife of ++++
Coghr++ ++ Ede+++++ ++++++++++
+++ ++++ ++ the 9th +++ ++++
Also Frances +++++++
++++++++ to the +++++ +++ ++++


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Revised on 02 November 2005