Graves & Inscriptions at
Stranorlar Church, Co.Donegal

Click to see original photo with Cochrane Graves.James Cochrane (c1761-1839) & childrenJohn (c1720-1778) & Zacheus (c1730-e1790) Cochrane? Elizabeth Neilson (e1694-e1759)The Style Children (buried from 1840 to 1859)Charles Style (1777-1853) & wife Fanny (née Cochrane) (1795-1875)Mrs Kincaid & Miss StyleMiss HayMiss HumphreysAnnie Cochrane (1832-1856) daughter of John & Anna Maria CochraneCapt John Cochrane JP (1762-1831) & wife Anna Maria (née Kincaid) (c1766-1844)Rev Henry S. Cochrane (1803-1887), wife Eliza (née Kincaid) (e1807-1847) & children3 Cochrane brothers: John (1797-1860), James JP (1801-1887) & wife Margaret (née Crawford) (1803-1865), Joseph Zacheus (1800-1881)

Original photographs of Stranorlar Churchyard and individual graves, on this and linked pages, kindly provided by Richard Crawley (©2001) and subsequently altered digitally to meet the specific needs of these pages.

Click any of the "virtual" tombstones, at the bottom of the picture, to see more details. Click the Church to see the original photograph, showing the surviving tombs within the Cochrane Burying Ground in the foreground.

Cecil Cochrane (1871-1925) had a Plan of this Burying Ground stuck inside the back cover of his notebook, showing the grave nearest the Church (ie the extreme right grave in the picture above) as the first in his list. A numbering scheme has therefore been adopted for this web site, which is consistent with his order: Grave No.1 being on the extreme right or nearest to the Church and progressing to Grave No.12 on the extreme left or furthest from the Church.


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Revised on 29 September 2011