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This site contains a history of the Henderson Family (c1746 in Abbotshall and Kinghorn, Fife, Scotland) and their links to the surnames Breach (c1791 in East London, England), Burt (Scotland), Carden (c1579 in Falmer, Sussex and then Brighton), Cochrane (c1690 in Co.Donegal, Ireland), Colhoun (Ireland), Crawford (c1110 in Clydesdale, Lanarkshire, Scotland and from c1610 in Co.Donegal, Ireland), Eastland (Weybridge, Surrey), Franckling (c1759 in East London), Hally (Scotland), Joiner (c1811 in Essex), Kincaid (c1680 in Ulster), Little (Ireland), McCallum (Scotland), Neilson (Co.Donegal, Ireland), Olley (c1745 in Norfolk and East London), Powell (East London and Taunton, Somerset), Purviance (Co.Donegal, Ireland), Redman (c1760 in Isle of Wight and Brighton, Sussex), Williams (c1947 in England) and many others.

This record of Family History tries to paint a broader picture than just the Genealogy of the Hendersons, and includes Social History (for example, shirt manufacturing in England and Northern Ireland, and descriptions of life in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries). Photographs of ancestors, family life, homes, cemeteries, etc are displayed to add interest to otherwise dry words. Several extracts from family trees are used to illustrate the lineage of a specific group and emigration is traced, through maps, to America, Canada, India, Mauritius, New Zealand, Trinidad and West and South Africa.

Latest Information

A facsimile edition of the Cochrane-Crawford-Neilson letters has been added to the gallery as a downloadable PDF file. Work is continuing on early ancestors in Essex, although there are some unfortunate gaps in Church records.

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