A village north of Edinburgh across the Firth of Forth; but now within the town of Kirkcaldy, Fife, Scotland (see MAP). It is about 4 miles north of Kinghorn; both places where the Hendersons lived and married. It was also the name of a former parish, containing Linktown, a southern suburb of Kirkcaldy.
In front of a year, this means "about". On this web site it is used exclusively for dates of birth derived from a Census. Where a Census record gives someone's age, the date of birth is obviously calculated by subtracting the age from the Census Date. However, some people will round up their age, others will lie !!
Latin "circa". On this web site it is used in front of a date which is accurate to within about one year. For example, tombstones often give the precise date of death and the age. If the death was before the birthday, the resulting subtraction would give a year of birth one year later than the actual year of birth. Also, it would not be known if the family "rounded" the age up or down.
The booklet "The Cochrane Family of Donegal" (1st Edition 2002). This may be downloaded to read in PDF format.
The booklet "The Crawfords of Donegal" (2nd Edition 1897).
The booklet "The Crawfords of Donegal - New Millennium Edition". A scanned, indexed and augmented version of the 1897 Edition (see COD above). This may be downloaded to read in PDF format.
Generally a shoemaker or cobbler. Derived from the Spanish town of Cordoba (and its residents, the Cordovans), renowned for fine leather.
Day of the Week
A JavaScript Calculator is provided to allow the day to be obtained for any date from the Gregorian Calendar from 1753.
In front of a year, this represents a date "estimated" from some known date. For example, the birth of a child might be estimated to be some 26 years after the known birth of the father. At best it may be quite accurate; at worst, it may be 20 years out.
A coastal parish in north Fife, Scotland containing the town of Newport on the Tay, where some of the Hendersons lived and died.
The Scottish (or Northern English) term for someone who makes the wooden combs used for combing flax; part of the linen making process.
A cultivator of land; generally a (small) farmer.
(see also Abbotshall). In southern Fife, Scotland on the Firth of Forth; about 3 miles NE of Burntisland and 4 miles south of Kirkcaldy.
London (then and now)
As Greater London has expanded, parts of the counties of Middlesex (to the North) and Surrey (to the South) are now included in London. Old birth certificates may refer to "Southwark, Surrey" and "City Road, Middlesex" but these are now well within the Greater London area and, in particular, the Underground network.
The booklet "A Partial History of the Kincaids of Ulster " (1st Edition 2002). This may be downloaded to read in PDF format.



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