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If you have come here (by mistake, or out of curiosity) please be careful, particularly if you are using an old browser (eg earlier than IE6), as Java, JavaScript and Cascading Style Sheets may not work properly and, at worst, partially tested JavaScript may actually cause your browser to fail (ie lock up). The contents of this page are continually changing and the links take you to various facilities that are:

There is no genuine genealogical information here.

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Web Fonts

Click to test that "woff" and "eot" files are being correctly loaded and displayed.


Click to test the Java applet displaying a 360 degree panorama.

Browser Sniffer

Click to view detailed information about your browser's support for HTML5 and CSS3.

Day of the Week Calculator

This has now been corrected to handle leap years correctly. [Future development - to handle dates before the start of the Gregorian Calendar in England in September 1752].

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 Revised on 01 April 2012 at 05:54 AM


Page1 Under Test

Browser plugins to view DjVu files

Page2 Under Test

BDM Certificates

Page3 Under Test

Pop-up Window

Page4 Under Test

Miscellaneous JavaScript

Page5 Under Test

PDF files with embedded fonts

Page6 Under Test

Adobe Fontkit fonts

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Revised on 01 April 2012